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Automation Tooling

As a design and manufacturing company, Count On Tools specializes developing solutions. The focus of our development projects has been on improving the methods of assembly of printed circuit boards. Every aspect of this process can benefit from automation tooling.

Customers come to us with problems that they experience, such as having to hand place odd-form components. We see every opportunity as a challenge to prove that we are capable of producing solutions at every level of the SMT assembly process, especially nozzles and tooling. The technology that we developed over the years has allowed us to design and manufacture custom engineered tooling for any process in the SMT industry.

Proven manufacturing and engineering expertise, coupled with commitment to service excellence and investment in the latest production equipment, has ensured that innovation and competitiveness is applied to all of the company’s extensive product range. Whatever your PCB support tooling needs, Count On Tools can create the solution.

Contact us to discuss our comprehensive product lines and ask about our 30-day free trial.