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Count On Tools Announces Full Solution Package for Odd Form Components

Posted by Z. Shook on 7/17/2013 to New SMT Products

Count On Tools (COT) Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces a new addition to its custom nozzle engineering services with the Full Solution Package for Odd Form Components. With this new program, Count On Tools can offer customers placing odd form components the ability to streamline their process by purchasing a custom designed SMT placement tool along with the award-winning Stripfeeder .mod Version 2 kit. This combination provides a universal feeder platform for presenting the components in the equipment as well as a placement tool guaranteed to accurately and repeatedly place odd form components.

“This program not only offers significant cost savings for the end-user, but it also provides the board builder a full process solution from pick to place of odd form components in any SMT equipment,” says Zachery Shook, Marketing Director for Count On Tools, Inc.

By including the Stripfeeder .mod V2 kit, customers can take advantage of including oversized components in their equipment without the need for expensive custom feeders. The Stripfeeder .mod V2 kit features a mechanical lock-spring to hold the tape in place by the sprocket hole for part registration and repeatable pick-and-place applications. This means the user only has to teach the pick-up location one time and consistently reload the unit with the same parts over and over for longer runs.

Additionally, the StripFeeder .mod V2 features removable rails that can be mounted to accommodate a wide array of tape sizes in the same feeder. Unlike the fixed width version, the StripFeeder .mod can be adjusted by removing the rails and re-positioning them on the base plate at the desired width (4mm pitched hole pattern). The rails align with precision pin locaters and lock down tightly with magnets to guarantee a stable, repeatable application.

The innovative design holds the components securely in the machined tracks to prevent parts from being miss-picked, flipped in the pocket, or lost. Also, customers can remove rails to accommodate larger components up to 120mm tape width. The StripFeeder .mod system is built to JEDEC-standards and size specifications to allow the unit to be utilized in most types of SMT equipment or JEDEC-style tray feeder units.

Count On Tools has the experience and manufacturing flexibility to develop custom engineered solutions to satisfy individual process requirements. Customers wishing to participate in this program can submit information regarding the type of component to be placed, the equipment being used, as well as any other process requirements by email to [email protected]. If samples are available they can be submitted as well. The quick-to-assemble, easy-to-install modules are designed for rapid loading of tape-and-reel components on existing SMT pick-and-place equipment.