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Count On Tools Introduces Universal Instruments’ GSM Special Low Force Nozzle with Replaceable Tips for Delicate Components

Posted by Z. Shook on 5/1/2010 to New SMT Products

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introduces Universal Instruments’ GSM special low force (spring suspended) nozzle with replaceable tips for delicate components. Count On Tools’ new low force nozzles are ideal for gaas die, gallium arsenide, thin silicone (less than 0.10" in thickness), die with air bridges and flip chips.


As the trend for smaller, more compact electronics grows, the need for smaller flip chips and other delicate components increases. Typically, flip chips feature large bumps on a coarse pitch that help to distribute the load of the placement force necessary for proper placement on a circuit board assembly. The newer, smaller flip chip designs feature small bumps on more aggressive pitches, which limit the amount of force that can be applied during the placement process.

To assist customers working with all styles of delicate components, including flip chips and dies, Count On Tools has developed a line of cost-effective nozzles for the Universal GSM platform that features low force, spring suspended bodies with replaceable tips.

This nozzle range is designed for applications that require placement forces below 150 grams. This is below the normal range specified for the high force placement head associated with most of Universal Instruments’ equipment. Count On Tools’ selection of low force nozzles is compatible with any Universal GSM 4-spindle high force or pressure enhanced placement head.

With the new low force nozzle, placement forces as low as 20 grams can be accomplished. Applications where low force may be required include: RF applications, silicon on silicon, and other custom processes. The tips on low force nozzles are replaceable, and the selection of tips varies by customer application.