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Count On Tools Offers Glue Dispense Nozzles for Universal Instruments’ GDM Line

Posted by Z. Shook on 11/4/2010 to New SMT Products

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces that it now offers Glue Dispense Nozzles for the Universal Instruments GDM line of equipment.

Both single and dual port versions are available for all standard nozzle IDs and pitch configurations. Count On Tools also provides custom engineered glue dispense nozzles based on customer-specific application requirements.

In the competitive electronics business, electronic manufacturers need higher levels of performance and accuracy from assembly equipment. When combined with Count On Tools nozzles, the GDM dispensing equipment delivers the flexibility, speed, dot consistency and placement accuracy required for efficient surface mount manufacturing.

Because the diameter of the dot is integrally related to the nozzle ID and nozzle standoff, glue dispense nozzle performance relies a great deal on the overall wear and tolerances of the standoff. With the repeated force of the nozzle standoff hitting the PCB, significant mechanical wear on the glue dispense nozzle can be observed. The amount of wear depends on the type of solder mask used on the PCB and the type of metal used in the nozzle construction. Count On Tools developed its GDM nozzle series with the initiative that superior quality metals would provide longer life to the nozzle standoff, therefore increasing performance and output from the glue dispense needles.

It is always important to monitor the mechanical wear so that the nozzle performance remains optimal. Once a certain amount of wear is achieved, the result is a smaller dot diameter range capability. Low standoffs limit the size of the large dots, and as the standoff wears further down, the adhesive can contaminate the dispensing tip.
All nozzles are guaranteed to function properly with the original equipment. Every glue dispense nozzle manufactured by Count On Tools comes standard with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If any customer is not 100 percent satisfied with the performance or quality of a product, Count On Tools will replace it or offer a full refund.