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Count On Tools Releases PB Swiss Tools’ Holding Ring Hex Keys

Posted by Z. Shook on 6/4/2010 to New PB Products

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, has released PB Swiss Tools’ Holding Ring Hex Keys. The new hex keys allow fasteners to be inserted or removed in hard to reach locations without the fastener falling off the tool and without sacrificing strength.

PB Swiss Tools’ hex key L-wrenches for hexagonal socket screws (mm) are now equipped with a holding ring on the ball end. The inlaid circlip spring ring holds screws firmly onto the tool, which facilitates work on difficult to reach areas.

Because the holding ring is inlaid, wearing out the functionality of the feature over time is no longer a concern. Also, this allows movement up to 30° when tightening and loosening the screw.

Advantages of PB Swiss Tools’ Holding Ring include:

  • Holds screws securely on tool
  • Allows insertion or extraction without dropping the fastener
  • Inserts into screws at up to 30° angle (highest on the market!)
  • Allows insertion or extraction in difficult to reach places
  • Turns a full 360° at up to a 30° angle
  • Engages to full depth of screw head
  • Available in small sizes (down to 2.5mm)
  • Does not weaken the tool or the ball point functionality
  • Increased holding power in the screw head thanks to the circlip
  • Saves time and increases productivity by making the job easier

With more than 130 years of experience, PB Swiss Tools is a global leader of hand tools manufactured for use in the industrial marketplace, even for the most hazardous jobs. All PB Swiss Tools are 100 percent Swiss-made and come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.