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Cree CSP Partner


Count On Tools is a proud member of the Cree Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

Recent growth in LED technology and solid state lighting has provided the electronics manufacturing industry with viable solutions for today's electronic devices. As a result, companies in the surface mount technology (SMT) industry are expanding their manufacturing capabilities to meet this demand. The range of new and potential applications for LEDs in electronics is practically endless. Count On Tools has realized this trend and worked to quickly develop a line of nozzle designs that would allow customers to accurately and consistently place LEDs with its existing SMT pick-and-place equipment. By working closely with the LED component manufacturer CREE, Count On Tools guarantees secure picking of all fragile components and accurate placement on circuit boards.

Count On Tools' new LED nozzle technology features an exclusive semi-rigid material made from organic compounds to create a secure vacuum bond with components that is guaranteed to improve placement accuracy and reliability with all Cree LED components while overcoming stickiness issues with the substrate. This new design also improves Cree LED component release onto the board, preventing misplaced LEDs, lost components or miss-picks. Count On Tools' Cree LED nozzle series is available for all types of SMT pick-and-place equipment and tooling. 

Additionally, Count On Tools generally can provide a finished nozzle within three to five days, saving customers up to 50 percent over OEM designs for custom nozzles. Volume discounts are available for large orders over 50 nozzles. There are no design fees and Count On Tools provides free quotes based on the equipment and type of Cree LED being placed. 

According to Curt Couch, President of Count On Tools, Inc., "We understands that in order for our customers to remain competitive in today's market, they must be able to cut costs while simultaneously maximizing the capabilities of their SMT assembly equipment to prevent costly investments in new equipment or increased labor from hand placements of odd-form components. This line of custom Cree LED nozzles allows us to help customers achieve better placement with odd-form components."

Remember, nozzles are the first and last thing to touch all components placed, and they move tens of thousands of these parts every hour. With components sizes reaching microscopic proportions, nozzle manufacturers must strive to maintain precision tolerances and exact dimensions in their designs. These nozzles are required to hold the components during transport to the board while the machine is moving and/or rotating at high speeds. Proven engineering expertise, coupled with our commitment to manufacturing excellence and investment in the very latest production equipment, ensures that innovation and competitiveness is applied to all of our extensive product range. Our focus is to pass these advantages and capabilities onto our customers, and in so doing, create long term relationships, which we believe will enhance and add value to the end user's products and services.

Your decision to choose Count On Tools for your placement nozzles and pick and place consumable parts will be rewarded with both equal or better machine performance, and in addition significant cost savings. Furthermore, we also guarantee all our products to be free from defects, and will ensure the same reliability as the OEM. Count On Tools Nozzles and associated consumables are in use at many of the world's leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies.

To view the most common Cree LED nozzles already available, please visit our online catalog.

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