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Gripper Nozzles

For some odd form components, standard vacuum placement nozzles are not acceptable. For the most complicated components, we can design custom mechanical grippers. These gripper nozzles offer pneumatically activated jaws for lateral gripping of SMT components. Each nozzle is specifically designed to match the profile and shape of the component to ensure proper placement on the board. 

Count On Tools has the experience and manufacturing flexibility to be able to develop custom engineered solutions to satisfy your individual Process Requirements. With over 25 years of experience on multiple machine platforms, we have the professional expertise to solve your pick-and-place issues! There is no limit to our capabilities when it comes to automating your custom component processes.

We make the custom nozzles to fit your applications. This service is available for all major OEM's and components, including those not listed on our site. Benefits of this service include: fast turnaround, free quote and design, guaranteed functionality, affordable pricing, and multi-platform technologies! Volume discounts are available.

If you would like to get an RFQ on a custom gripper nozzle, please complete our form: http://www.cotinc.com/nozzle/

Samples of the component to be placed are helpful in nozzle design and testing. We generally require approximately 4-6 inches of components in tape.

Note: If for any reason the components are not available yet, we are normally able to develop a solution from a detailed drawing of the component.

** Expedited Nozzle Service is available, feel free to ask when submitting your information **

Or, feel free to browse our selection of popular gripper nozzles designs:

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Midas C24 Gripper Nozzle with 0-4.5mm Jaws
Part Number: L-012-0115
Midas C24 Gripper Nozzle with 5.4-7.8mm Jaws
Part Number: L-009-0051
Midas C24 Gripper Nozzle with 3-4mm Jaws
Part Number: L-009-0342
Midas C24 Gripper Nozzle with 3.6-6.4mm Jaws
Part Number: L-009-0163
Midas C24 Gripper Nozzle with 2-6mm Jaws
Part Number: L-009-0089
Midas C24 Gripper Nozzle with 2-5mm Jaws
Part Number: L-009-0111
Juki Silver Nozzle 800 Gripper Nozzle Assembly, 0.8-2.2mm jaws
Part Number: E3623-721-0A0
Juki Silver Nozzle 801 Gripper Nozzle Assembly, 1.8-3.2mm jaws
Part Number: E3624-721-0A0
Juki Silver Nozzle 802 Gripper Nozzle Assembly, 2.8-4.2mm jaws
Part Number: E3625-721-0A0
Juki Silver Nozzle 803 Gripper Nozzle Assembly, 3.8-5.2mm jaws
Part Number: E3626-721-0A0