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Lightning Long Life Ceramic Nozzles

Lightning Long Life Ceramic Nozzles
The ultimate in performance and value for your 30-spindle UIC machines. Our ceramic nozzles feature precision machined bases combined with the highest quality ceramic tips. All components are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Not only can COT provide significant costs savings over OEM, but we also offer increased life span of the tooling, reduced component skewing, and reduced nozzle tip contamination over similar nozzle designs. COT also offers a wider range of ceramic tooling for larger components, from 01005 up to 1210.

Ask about our additional 10% discount for orders of 30 nozzles or more.
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Lightning 01005/0201 Ceramic, 0.50 x 0.35mm OD (3021)
Part Number: 51305414
Lightning 0402 Ceramic, 0.43 x 0.63mm OD (3421)
Part Number: 51305416
Lightning 0603 Ceramic, 0.95 x 0.5mm OD (3431)
Part Number: 51234109C
Lightning 0805 Ceramic, 0.95 x 1.4mm OD (3441)
Part Number: 51305411C
Lightning 1206 Ceramic, 1.20 x 1.8mm OD (3451)
Part Number: 51305412C