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Do you have a unique component that isn’t available in tape and reel?
Tired of hand placing those components because you don’t have a compatible feeder?
Can’t find JEDEC trays for your components and you need one yesterday?
The answer to all of these questions is QWIKTRAY. The QWIKTRAY program provides quick turnaround on the design and production of any quantity of custom matrix trays and low temperature handling trays for SMT components. Utilizing the latest in machining and additive manufacturing technologies, QWIKTRAY will develop a custom pocket design matched to your component specifications and machine it into a finished matrix tray. QWIKTRAYs can be designed for almost any component, including: QFP, BGA, Hybrid, Assemblies, Sockets, Pins, Connectors, LEDs, Switches, Buttons, Transformers, and more! Each QWIKTRAY is CNC machined to the specific configuration for your component and ships ready to load & install in the equipment. The custom matrix trays from QWIKTRAY are designed for precision, stability, and protection during the pick-and-place process.

QWIKTRAY Features:
  • Designed for any application requirement – prototype, low to mid volume, and high volume processes.
  • Allows surface mount components to be picked up in a repeatable method when tape and reel is not an option.
  • Provides SMT package presentation solution for components for which no standard JEDEC tray exists.
  • Available in any size and configuration, including JEDEC, thin, thick, odd-sized, custom, etc.*
  • QWIKTRAYs come standard in Non-ESD Black Acrylic. ESD-Safe and other materials are optional.*
  • Each tray is engraved with pocket dimensions, first part location, spacing, and other programming details.
  • One Flat Fee Per Tray - No minimum orders and no additional charges for design, programming, molds, set-up, etc.

ndard Pricing for any QWIKTRAY system within JEDEC specifications (315mm x 136mm x 25mm).
Oversized trays will incur additional 10% upcharge.

Pricing and Volume Discount:
1-3 trays - $549.00 each
4-9 trays - $499.00 each
10-20 trays - $449.00 each
20+ trays - $399.00 each

Lead time:
Standard Turnaround 22-25 days 

All trays must be the same part number to qualify for volume discount unless otherwise approved by Sales Manager.

Ready to order your QWIKTRAY - Click here to get started with our online RFQ form.

This form includes all of the standard details regarding tray size, component layout, machine details, etc. Once finished, just submit online and one of our Customer Service team members will contact you with a quote. You may be required to submit samples of the components. If no component samples are available, please include manufacturer drawings and specifications. Samples are highly recommended. For any other questions, please call 1-800-538-0426 or email [email protected].