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RT10 Rubber Tips

The RT10 rubber tip offers outstanding quality and performance features at a “use and throw” price. The pick-up tip has a relieved tip surface which minimizes surface contact with the die. Precision tolerances of +/-0.025 to 0.050 mm ensure a repeatable setup when changing tips, while embossed code numbers help line personnel with identification and control. Together with proprietary ultra pure and anti static rubber, the RT10 tip is ideal for die attach in today’s assembly clean room.Static dissipation measured as time to dissipate a charge from +/-5000 V. Ionic purity measured by boiling rubber in DI water and analyzing the water extract for fluoride, bromide, chloride, potassium, nitrate, phosphate, sulphate, sodium and silicon.
Material Specifications:
Hardness: 79 Shore A
Heat resistance: 130 deg. C
Static dissipation: 0.01 to 0.03 sec.
Ionic purity: less than 10 ppm 

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Replaceable Tip - Size 0.030
Part Number: R3-701
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.039
Part Number: R3-702
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.049
Part Number: R3-703
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.059
Part Number: R3-704
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.069
Part Number: R3-705
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.079
Part Number: R3-706
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.089
Part Number: R3-707
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.098
Part Number: R3-708
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.118
Part Number: R3-709
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.138
Part Number: R3-710
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.157
Part Number: R3-711
Replaceable Tip - Size 0.177
Part Number: R3-712
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