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STRIPFEEDERS Fixed Width Version

  • Fully customizable widths & pitch based on process requirements.
  • Compatible with both paper and emboss tape, simultaneously.
  • Load up to 8 different parts on a single feeder tray.
  • Absolutely non-violent for fragile components or loose packaging.
  • Re-usable adhesive layer secures the tape to the plate for increased accuracy. 
  • Perfect for low volume, high mix applications and prototyping.
  • Compatible with any SMT Pick-and-Place equipment or JEDEC-style Tray Feeder.
  • Quick to assemble & install in your machine with fiducial markers for alignment.
  • Fast changeover between product runs without unloading from the machine.
  • Save thousands of dollars over customized feeders.
Available for tape 8mm to 72mm wide. Many pre-designed configurations to choose from or design your own based on individual process requirements.

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Fixed Strip Feeder with 6x (8.0mm lanes) and 2x (12.0mm lanes)
Part Number: SF-6X8.2X12
Fixed Strip Feeder with 6x (8.0mm lanes) and 1x (16.0mm lanes)
Part Number: SF-6X8.1X16
Fixed Strip Feeder with 7x (12.0mm lanes)
Part Number: SF-7X12