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Count On Tools Inc. (COT), a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introduces the revolutionary StripFeeder system for loading tape-and-reel components onto compact modules for prototyping and high-mix low-volume applications.

What is it?

The new StripFeeder systems are a cost effective way to load many components, including odd-form and custom components, without having to purchase expensive feeders. The quick-to-assemble, easy-to-install modules are designed for rapid loading of tape-and-reel components on existing SMT pick-and-place equipment.

Additionally, the trays enable fast changeover between product runs without unloading from the machine. The StripFeeder trays are compatible with both paper and emboss tape simultaneously, and are ideal for low-volume high-mix applications and prototyping.

Why purchase expensive feeders for each component or a small strip of tape when you only need to place a few at a time?

How does it work?

Just cut, load, and place. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    There are three easy steps to load our StripFeeder trays. Just cut a strip of components off the reel, load them in the tray (and configure the tray if using our .mod series), and place it in the machine. It is just that easy!

    Other important benefits include:

    • Fully customizable widths & pitch based on process requirements and industry standard.
    • Compatible with both paper and emboss tape, simultaneously.
    • Load up to 10 different parts on a single tray.
    • Save thousands of dollars over customized feeders and feeder systems.
    • Absolutely non-violent for fragile components or loose packaging.
    • Quick to assembly & install in your machine.
    • Fast changeover between product runs without unloading from the machine.
    • Built to JEDEC specs to it is compatible with most every SMT Pick-and-Place machine on the market and most JEDEC style tray feeder systems.

    Award Winning Design:

    Count On Tools was awarded a 2013 & 2014 NPI Award from Circuits Assembly magazine in the category of Automation Tools for its StripFeeder Modular System as well as a 2013 Global Technology Award in the category of Assembly Tools.