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Count On Tools Releases Filter Removal Tool for Panasonic CM Nozzles

Posted by Z. Shook on 6/4/2011 to New SMT Products

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, is pleased to announce that it now offers a filter removal tool that is compatible with the cone-shaped XS filters (N610071334AA) for the complete line of Panasonic CM402 and CM602 nozzles. This tool allows for easy installation and replacement of the micro-sized filters.

COT’s new CM filters and filter removal tool are compatible with all Panasonic replacement nozzles for high-speed (eight and 12-nozzle, Type A-0 and A-2) and multi-functional (Type B) placement heads. The filters offer a high productivity, low-cost alternative to OEM and other second-source versions.

Count On Tools also supplies the cone-shaped XS filters. The filters are sold in packs of 100 and are designed for the following nozzle types: 100-series, 100S-series, 200-series, 200S-series, 400-Series and 1000-series nozzles. All COT filters are designed based on OEM specifications and are guaranteed to consistently maintain accurate levels of filtration.

The CM filters and filter removal tool are guaranteed to function properly with the following Panasonic/KME pick-and-place machines: CM20F, CM301-D, CM301-DU, CM301-DS, DT401, DT401-M, DT401-F, DT400-M, CM401-M, CM401-L, CM402-M, CM402-L, CM400-M, CM212-M, CM232, CM201-D, CM202-D, CM201-DU, CM202-DU, CM201-DH, CM202-DH, CM202-DHU, CM201-DS, CM202-DS, CM202-DK and CM602-L.

Count On Tools also provides standard and custom nozzle designs that are compatible with the complete range of Panasonic CM equipment. The nozzle designs enable highly accurate, repeatable, optimized chip placement. The CM Series optimizes the latest technologies into a lean, modular solution.


Nozzles On Demand

Posted by Z. Shook on 6/3/2011 to Articles and Awards

In the electronics manufacturing industry, EMS companies and contract manufacturers must adjust to their customers’ demands for lower build costs and faster final product delivery. When you throw in specialized odd-form components, the manufacturer must decide how to place the component: hand assembly or with their automated equipment. Hand assembly is labor-intensive and costly compared to the speed of automated assembly. However, in order to transition the component to the automated pick-and-place equipment, the manufacturer must obtain two critical components ― feeders and nozzles.

Nozzles are the first and last thing to touch all placed components. Not to mention they move tens of thousands of these parts every hour. They are highly critical to the pick-and-place process. When manufacturers try to incorporate odd-form components into the build process, they must ensure that they have the right nozzle design to accurately pick up, transport and place the components. Any flaw in this step could result in issues down the road for the customer or the end-user. Traditionally, the only source for custom nozzles was the OEM but, in the last few decades, many other companies have emerged that specialize in aftermarket consumables for this equipment, including custom engineered nozzles.

Count On Tools Inc. (COT), a precision component manufacturer specializing in all aspects of the machining industry, has been setting new performance standards in the SMT pick-and-place nozzle market for more than 20 years. As the original source for high-quality, low-cost vacuum placement nozzles and associated consumables, we have pioneered with world-class development and process engineers that combine to ensure that innovation and competitiveness is applied to all of our extensive product range, including custom engineered nozzles. Annually, COT produces thousands of custom nozzles designs for all types of odd-form components. Some of the more common ones include 01005 chips, 0201 chips, sockets, LEDs, deep socket connectors, switches, pins, heavy components, preassembled circuit boards, heat sinks, film, labels, solder balls, shields, speakers, oversized components, antennas, RF shields, connectors and more. We don’t just sell nozzles, we offer solutions.

The most important benefit that COT offers customers is a fast turnaround time for custom nozzles. Generally, we can have nozzles ready in as little as 1-2 days after receiving samples of the component. This is the fastest custom nozzle service in the industry. Some OEM’s can take weeks, if not months, to develop custom nozzle designs. Our typical turnaround is 3-5 days or less. COT also provides free quotes and designs, eliminating extra worries and fees for customers. COT even guarantees the functionality of our custom nozzles with your equipment. Our company has a multiplatform expertise that is crucial to the design of custom nozzles. We are not afraid to take technology from one nozzle manufacturer and use it in a completely different machine. Basically, the process is the same for every SMT machine available. Finally, we offer affordable pricing on all of our custom nozzles, generally up to 50 percent less than our competitors. This all combines to create a unique service that is our own.

COT understands that in order for our customers to remain competitive in today’s market, they must be able to cut costs while maximizing the capabilities of their SMT assembly equipment to prevent costly investments in new equipment or increased labor from hand placements of odd-form components. Our custom nozzle design service allows us to help customers achieve better placements with odd-form components in their machines while saving them money. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we stand behind our products 100 percent. If customers are not satisfied with the quality, durability and performance of our products, we will send them a free replacement that meets or exceeds their expectations or we will offer a full refund of the purchase price.


Count On Tools Wins An EM Asia Innovation Award for Its LED Nozzle Series

Posted by Z. Shook on 6/2/2011 to Articles and Awards

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces that it has been awarded a 2011 EM Asia Innovation Award in the category of Assembly Line Equipment for its LED Nozzle Series. The award was presented to the company during a May 12, 2011 ceremony that took place at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center during NEPCON China 2011.

Recent growth in LED technology and solid state lighting has provided the electronics manufacturing industry with viable solutions for its addition into today’s electronic devices. LEDs have become an alternative light source to conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. The electronics manufacturing industry sees the greatest benefits from the small size and lower power consumption of today’s LEDs.

Count On Tools, Inc. is a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, and offers a complete series of custom SMT pick-and-place nozzles for all types of LED components. By working closely with the LED component manufacturers, Count On Tools guarantees secure picking of all fragile components and accurate placement on the circuit board.

The range of new and potential applications for LEDs in electronics is practically endless. Count On Tools has realized this trend and worked to quickly develop a line of nozzle designs that will allow customers to accurately and consistently place LEDs with existing SMT pick-and-place equipment. Count On Tools’ LED nozzle designs are available for any style of pick-and-place nozzle for any OEM or machine type. This technology also has been applied to other types of assembly equipment such as semiconductor, robotic and packaging (among others).

All nozzles are guaranteed to function properly with the original equipment. Every nozzle manufactured by Count On Tools comes standard with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If any customer is not 100 percent satisfied with the performance or quality of a product, Count On Tools will replace it or offer a full refund.

Established in 2006, the EM Asia Innovation Awards program strives to recognize and celebrate excellence in the Asian electronics industry, inspiring companies to achieve the highest standards and push the industry forward. http://www.emasiamag.com/


Count On Tools Launches New ezLOAD XL Board Support System

Posted by Z. Shook on 6/1/2011 to New SMT Products

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introduces the new ezLOAD XL PCB Support System. With the recent increase in densely populated double-sided circuit boards, COT recognized the need for more affordable board support options in the electronics manufacturing industry. The end result is an innovative design that is not only easy to setup and install, but also offers industry-leading benefits to EMS companies and contract manufacturers worldwide.

The ezLOAD XL PCB Support System offers customers building larger boards the option of a custom built ezLOAD board support for their specific application. The design can be customized for any length and width combination. In most cases, it also is adjustable for multiple applications. The horizontal posts can be unlocked and replaced with longer or shorter ones to accommodate other board sizes. The design features an extruded aluminum base and soft, ESD-safe foam fingers. The ezLOAD system not only reduces changeover times, but also improves product build quality, increases revenues by providing significant cost savings and eliminates component damage during the assembly process.

COT’s ezLOAD PAD features active grip technology to securely hold boards during the assembly process. It protects components while allowing the boards to move freely through the assembly line and also is ESD-safe. With the basic universal design, there are no mechanical functions to fail. The system requires no air, electronics or communication from the user. The magnetic locking base enables a quick, easy installation. Other base designs are available for non-magnetic tables. Most importantly, the ezLOAD PCB Support System is affordable compared to competitive products on the market.

The ezLOAD PCB Support System is compatible with any SMT equipment, from pick-and-place to chip shooters, screen printers, dispensers, AOI and more.  The soft, flexible design makes it extremely durable and is proven to be reliable after testing in the most hazardous conditions. The ezLOAD PCB Support System is customizable depending on machine requirements, specialized components or specific design application requirements.


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