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Orion Vacuum Pumps

The compact and lightweight design of the ORION series dry rotary vane vacuum/pressure pump adds to ease of operations. It is an ideal alternative to standard oil sealed rotary vane pumps. We offer the a wide selection of consumables and repair parts for ORION  Vacuum Pumps for both Fuji and Panasonic Equipment. Please contact our sales team for a parts list and current pricing for your specific model: KHA-750A, KH-750A, KH-750-301, KH-400, KH-400A, KH-400A-101, KH-400-301, KH-410, KH-410-101, KRX3-SS-4001, KRX3-SS-4002, KRX6-SS-1501, KRX6-SS-1580, & KRA8-SS-2280-G1.