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Count On Tools Announces Redesigned PB Swiss Tools Storefront

Posted by Z. Shook on 8/2/2010 to Count On Tools News

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces that it has redesigned its PB Swiss Tools storefront to coordinate with the manufacturers new marketing strategy "Work with the best". The new site, located at www.pbtools.us, features fresh new graphics and diagrams to allow users to easily locate products and services.

All of the new graphics on the redesigned Web site were obtained from a special photo shoot orchestrated by PB Swiss Tools at the Jungfraujoch Research Station. Jungfraujoch is located at the top of Europe, 3580 meters above sea level, and is run by the International Foundation for the High Altitude Research Stations, Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat. Among its various tasks, the facility carries out highly sensitive measurements for climate and environmental research and observes the weather for MeteoSchweiz, the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology in Switzerland.

According to a representative from PB Swiss Tools, "Wintery, ice-cold surroundings: we succeeded indeed to capture the real, on-site user situation for our tools. All of our five tool groups proved their full efficiency at the shooting while in daily use at the research station."

Customers can still expect the same product range and extensive technical information from the site with a more logical and user-friendly interface. In addition to the new design, the site is now streamlined, making it faster, easier to use and more intuitive. The site also was redeveloped to run more efficiently; the new online catalog retains the wealth of product and technical information traditionally provided by Count On Tools in addition to new information to help customers understand its complete scope of products and services.

PB Swiss Tools are currently in use in over 30 countries worldwide. Count On Tools supports PB Swiss Tools’ customers around the world with the Web site and on-line store, especially customers who may not have a PB distributor in their area.

With more than 130 years of experience, PB Swiss Tools is a global leader of hand tools manufactured for use in the industrial marketplace, even for the most hazardous jobs. All PB Swiss Tools are 100 percent Swiss-made and come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

For more information or to purchase products online, visit www.pbtools.us.