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Count On Tools Introduces MYDATA Hydra Nozzles

Posted by Z. Shook on 4/1/2010 to New SMT Products

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introduces its new MYDATA Hydra replacement nozzles and consumables.

The MYDATA product line is the only direct replacement for OEM nozzles on the market that offers a high productivity, low-cost alternative to OEM nozzles. Count On Tools knows that productivity is important to stay ahead of the competition and to maintain profitability. As a result, the company developed these nozzles. The MYDATA range is compatible with the following machine types: TP9-1, TP9-2, TP9-3, TP9-4, TP11, TP12, TP18, MY9, MY12, MY15, MY19, and MY100 (SX/DX).

According to an Electrical Process Technician from one of Count On Tools’ US-based EMS customers, “Count On Tools has proven that its Hydra tool tips are cost effective and just as effective as the original OEM that supplies them. In this tough economy, Count On Tools provides my company with the means to effectively cut costs without compromise quality for component placements. This is exactly what my company needs in these economic times. When I needed a custom Hydra tip for picking a component that we place in high volumes, Count On Tools provided me with the solution. Count On Tools provided my company with cost effective and very reliable solutions.”

The Hydra tool range includes the following nozzle types: H01 (white), H02 (yellow), H03 (red), H04 (blue), H05 (brown), and H06 (green). This tool range covers all components from ultra-small 0201 chips to midsize ICs, as well as QFPs and BGAs. By using a more impact-resistant plastic, Hydra tools are more durable than OEMs, while maintaining the desired size specifications needed for high-speed placement of components.

“The innovations found in this product line have helped us to develop a more durable Hydra nozzle that not only performs well for our customer, but also saves them money while benefiting from an increase in production,” said Curt Couch, President.

Hydra tools are available for purchase in standard packs of eight or individually. Each tool is marked with a colored imprint, including the nozzle type, for fast identification in the field. Count On Tool’s current technology for its products can be extended to special applications, such as custom engineered nozzles for odd-form components, based on customer specifications.