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Count On Tools Introduces MYDATA Midas Nozzles

Posted by Z. Shook on 4/1/2010 to New SMT Products

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces the introduction of its new MYDATA Midas replacement nozzles and consumables.

The MYDATA product line is the only direct replacement for OEM nozzles on the market that offers a high productivity, low-cost alternative to OEM nozzles. Count On Tools knows that productivity is important to stay ahead of the competition and to maintain profitability. As a result, the company developed these nozzles. The MYDATA range is compatible with the following machine types: TP9-1, TP9-2, TP9-3, TP9-4, TP11, TP12, TP18, MY9, MY12, MY15, MY19, and MY100 (SX/DX).

According to an Electrical Process Technician from one of Count On Tools’ US-based EMS customers, “Count On Tools not only provides a cost effective solution to buying replacement Midas tools for the original OEM placement machines, but they also make repairing the tools even more cost effective. The new Midas tools they sell have proven to be just as good as the OEM, and when I send in tools that are bent, have broken inner springs and are unusable, they can fix them to save my company the cost of buying a new Midas tool. Count On Tools has also made some custom Midas tools that have to be every bit as reliable as the original OEM. When I called Count On Tools to repair an expensive OEM Midas tool, they worked with my company and saved us the cost of replacing this tool at the OEM’s price. I can’t say enough about a company like Count on Tools in today’s economy that saves my company money, while not affecting the reliability of the OEM replacement part for the placement equipment. Where else can I get custom ordered Midas tools, cost effective savings and the reliability that Count On Tools provides?”

The Midas tool range includes the following nozzle types for fine-pitch components: C14, A12, A13, A14S, B12, A23, A24, and C23. Count On Tools also manufactures special Midas nozzles, such as Spring Suspended tools (A23S, A24S, C23S), MELF tools (A34, B34, B24, B23, C24), Flat Pipe tools (blade), Multi-Port tools, ESD Ceramic tools, Micro Thin tools and Gripper tools. This expanded tool range covers any type of component from QFPs to BGAs to 01005s with ultra-sharp precision. Count On Tool’s current technology for its products can be extended to special applications, such as custom engineered nozzles for odd-form components, based on customer specifications.

“Our goal with this product line is to offer our customers a more cost-effective nozzle that will not only last as long as or longer than conventional nozzles, but also will improve pick-and-place accuracy rates," said Curt Couch, President.

Count On Tools also offers rework and replacement tips for factory (OEM) nozzles. The rework process includes new slider shaft, new inner spring, new tip, and newly designed nozzle face flange. The company also offers other consumables, such as filters and grease, for the Midas mount-head tools.